Our Story

  Philip Grantham -  Member Board of Directors Philip is an experienced volunteer manager and  curriculum developer. He is also a recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for  Volunteer Service, for his work in the nonprofit and government sectors, mainly centered on disaster  response and preparedness. Philip founded Resilience Design for the purpose of enhancing local  community resilience and educating youth on potential career opportunities.
   John Wilson - Member Board of Directors John understands the importance of community resilience.  As a Regional Planning Coordinator  John is responsible for critical infrastructure identification,  mapping and vulnerability analysis to develop streamlined emergency responses. He believes that  Resilience Design will allow nonprofits and small  businesses to receive the same personalized service  he provided to big companies at home and  abroad. John has also worked as a consultant for the  finance and energy sector, developing unique solutions and plans to meet his client’s needs.

  Rory Pulvino - Member Board of Directors Rory uses data to help public entities identify and address  challenges such as mapping criminal complaints and assessing the impact of police responses. Based  on his background in law and analytics, he believes that Resilience Design's work will help nonprofits  and small businesses to substantially decrease exposure to catastrophic risk. Previously, Rory worked as  a legal analyst for community based organizations, and as a community development specialist in the  Peace Corps.

Contact us at info@resiliencedesign.org

Resilience Design is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization located in Brooklyn, New York

Resilience Design is a 100% volunteer run 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization founded by three colleagues with experience in volunteer management, project and policy analysis, disaster response, educational programming, and nonprofit development.

We understand how important small businesses and nonprofits are to their communities, and we want to prevent them from shutting their doors and services to their clients in the aftermath of a disaster. Our aim is to understand your unique needs, within the context of your community, and develop a step-by-step plan to maintain or quickly reinstate your services after a major incident.